Explanation of basic boxing form (how to stand) tips for boxing beginners


This time it's an explanation of the basic posture of boxing. The ideal stance is to be able to quickly attack and defend. After throwing a punch, quickly return to the basic position. Let's be conscious so that the guard does not fall below the face. Orthodox right stance. A left stance is called a southpaw.

boxing stance

The ideal posture is one that protects not only the face but also the abdomen.
Be careful not to lower the guard below your face even if you get tired.

description of lower body

Take one step with your left foot and bend your knees slightly so that you won't fall easily if you get punched. Bend your knees lightly to reduce damage and achieve agile footwork.

Be careful not to make your legs too wide. If it is too wide, you will not be able to move quickly, so it is not recommended. Also, it's not good to be too narrow on the contrary because the stability will fall. The basics are shoulder-width apart.
Left foot is solid foot OK. The heel of the right foot is always lifted so that it can hit a straight shot quickly. It is said that the weight ratio is 60% in the front and 40% in the back.
Slightly lean forward and center of gravity is 60% forward and 40% backward.

upper body description

Hold your arms comfortably, squeeze your guard, hold your left fist slightly higher than your eyes, and cover your chin with your shoulders. For the right arm, the elbow is attached to the right side to guard the body, and the face is always guarded with the fist. Lean forward slightly, tuck your chin so that you don't get punched in your chin, and glare at your opponent.
Tuck your chin and glare at your opponent.

how to get the rhythm

Boxing is the end when the rhythm stops.
Bend your knees slightly and keep the rhythm at a good tempo. You can move faster with a fast rhythm than with a slow one. Keep your guard up and keep moving for 3 minutes.

Summary of boxing stances

Center of gravity is 60% in front and 40% in back. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly.

The right fist guards the chin and the right elbow guards the abdomen.

Hold your left fist slightly above eye level and guard your chin with your left shoulder.

Beginners are particularly prone to lowering their guard, so remember to raise your guard for 3 minutes first and remember your form.
When you finish punching, return to the basic form, being conscious of not letting your arms drop.


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